Daily Diabetic Organizer® organizes all your diabetic supplies in one place and also keeps your insulin cool for hours with a freezable Gel Pack.


Carries several days supplies

Protective pocket for glucose meter

Zip closure

Carry 2 Pens 4 vials

1 Year Warranty

Refreezable Gel Pack cools up to 12 hours


A Poucho® case is easily activated with just (Tap) water. These handy cooling wallets are helpful accessories for people with diabetes and other temperature sensitive Medications.


Keep your insulin safe without refrigeration! Duo-Pen for one or two pens, Large for pens and bottles.


Keeps insulin bottles or pens safe without refrigeration.

Activate with just tap water. Stays below room temperature for up to 4 days.

Can be used and re-activated hundreds of times.

Available in 2 colors and 5 sizes

Lightweight, compact, perfect for camping, active diabetics, traveling and emergency kits.

A must-have for emergency preparedness kits!

Keeps medication cool and safe through prolonged power outages.

The Poucho® case maintains the required room temperature for the in-use insulin. This is not a refrigerator alternative – please check your specific medication requirement.