Dia-Pak® Classic Insulin Carrying Case and Medi-Clip

Ideal for temperature sensitive medications including Insulin, Growth Hormone, L-Thyroxin, Polyarthritis medications and many others.

The cold Gel-Pack keeps the insulin and other medications cool for up to 12 hours and is easily refrigerated. Water resistant and extremely durable, the Dia-Pak Classic will give you years of service


Size 5″ x 6½” x 2½”

Holds everything-all in one place

Refreezable Gel-Pack Included

Organizes up to 1 week of Diabetes supplies

Durable nylon construction

Full 1-year warranty


Designed to easily and safely snip off and dispose of your used insulin syringe needles.


Will hold approx 1500 used needles

Works with Insulin Syringe & Pen Needles

Device can be used with 28G through 31G needles and 3/16″ (5mm) through 1/2″ (12.7mm) length needles


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