So you’re having a baby Blush
The meaning of Maternity and what it means to you. The definition is quite easy – It simply means before and during childbirth and for the care of newborn babies.
At Pill Box we have several products that can help pre and post delivery of your new born child.
We have products for support while you are pregnant, we have anti-stretch creams, there are products that may help increase lactation, and soothe your nipples when you are breast feeding, we rent and sell breast pumps that extract milk from a woman’s breast to bottle and feed your newborn. And along those lines we also have accessories that go with them.

Medela Symphony Breast Pump

Replacement Bottle Nipples

Breast Pump Replacement Flanges

maternity belt

Maternity Belt / Back Support

Medela Quick Clean Wipes

Medela Quick Clean Wipes

Ameda Platinum Breast Pump

Medela Supplemental Nursing System SNS

Medela SNS Starter Kit

Medela Haberman Feeder

Medela Nursing Supplies

Hospital grade rental breast pumps | Ameda Platinum | Ameda Elite | Medela Synphony | Portable dual breast pump | Ameda Purely Yours | Ameda and Medela Hygiene kit replacement parts | Pregnancy support belts | Ardo Natal anti-stretch cream | Ardo Natal perimassage Solution | Ardo Care Balm Nipple Cream | Triple Nipple Cream (Rx Required) | Gaia Galactagogue capsule formula | Organic Mother’s Milk Tea | Maternity Compression socks
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