Simulating a designer eyeglass case, the DI Case insulin protector® is made of lightweight aluminum with a fitted insert that holds two vials of insulin, two syringes, and alcohol swabs.


Size: 6″ x 2½” x 1¼

Portable and Discreet insulin case for transporting insulin and syringes.

Insulin case fits in your pocket or purse.

Simulated black leather.

Perfect for everyday use.

DiaSox® are Made of 88% breathable cool-cotton yarn and manufactured in the USA using Lin-Toe® revolutionary technology. DiaSox Diabetic Socks are comfort socks that are suitable for diabetics and people with foot or leg swelling.


Diasox are seam free with a unique knit top that helps prevent sagging without binding. Anti-microbial fabric treatment helps protect against fungal growth and bacteria.