CBD Isolate, Aloe, Calendula & Avocado Oil – fast relief & nourished, healthy skin


FEEL BETTER NATURALLY – Ultra-rich, soothing body lotion to combat everyday stressors, eliminate dry, dehydrated skin. Great day and night. 

BENEFITS – Soothe and replenish your body with our luxurious body lotion that provides relief from discomfort and replenishing your skin with nutrients to heal dry patches. Non-greasy, easy to massage into the areas of need.

ALL-NATURAL PLANT-BASED WELLNESS – Grown using organic farming methods, all natural ingredients with premium quality, high grade 100% CBD with anti-inflammatory properties.  Proudly grown in the USA on our farm in High Falls, NY.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Expertly blended with a powerful combination of CBD Isolate, Aloe, Calendula, and Avocado Oils.

CAN LESSEN, AND HELP – May help alleviate muscle discomfort, diminish swelling and provide a relaxed feeling after strenuous activities, and workouts.