ARCTIC CHILL TOWEL – Feel up 30° cooler!!people

With its unique cooling ability The A/C Towel .  helps you keep your cool while doing the things you love:  AEROBICS, BIKING, WEIGHT LIFTING, RUNNING, GOLF, TENNIS…..

When you’re working or playing hard, indoors or out, you’re working up a sweat. But now there’s no need to feel uncomfortable!

The Arctic CHILL TOWEL works instantly to provide maximum cooling comfort.

This towel really cool you down fast. It feel great around your neck too.  It stay cold for a long time. Just wet it thoroughly with cold water, no refrigeration needed. You just shake it in between and it is cold again.

ALSO Great For Hot Flashes!

This is an evaporative work/sport towel that allows you to feel cooler as the temperature rises. NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED!
As long as it’s wet, it’s cool!
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