Exclusive Essential Medical Supply design can be used as a standard comfort cushion, donut cushion or coccyx cushion – Diversity of the cushion allows you to buy one that will meet every need rather than 3 expensive cushions.

Molded design keeps you sitting back in the chair which improves overall posture

Ergonomic design molds to the body to increase comfort with pain from sciatica, hemorrhoids, tailbone or from sitting too long

Will fit in a car, scooter, wheelchair, office chair, etc. and attaches to the chair with a hook and loop strap


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This is the only cushion you need! The cushion can be a donut cushion, coccyx cushion or comfort cushion. This soft molded cushion is ergonomically designed to meet the needs of the user while being able to be used in cars, seats, cushions, scooters, etc. Hook and loop carrying strap makes transporting the cushion easy during travel.



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